Canning with Liz!

Liz is an excellent cook and an even better friend. She has grown up canning and continues to do so as a college student. I had the opportunity to interview her on her experiences canning food from her own backyard.

See our podcast here:

After we finished our interview, Liz and I read through a few of her cookbooks. These cookbooks have been given to her from her great-grandmother, aunts and grandmother as well as a few she has picked up over the years. She just has a few…:)

Photography: Liz Burgess

Photography: Liz Burgess

After Liz so generously shared her expertise she gave me the entire right side of cookbooks shown above! I can’t wait to try them out!


4 thoughts on “Canning with Liz!

  1. Dave Dykes says:

    Lol canning. My old roommate would make these “homemade jellies” and try them once and leave the jar in the back of the fridge. When we moved out in July, I threw out no joke 23 JARS of his stupid jelly that he never ate. He started with strawberry and blueberry jam… then he’d change it up a little bit, so there were “blueberry brown-sugar” and “strawberry-banana-chocolate” jams in the back of our fridge that were over 6 months old. gross. But yeah, maybe someday I’ll move past that and try it for myself.

  2. Rachael Mckinney says:

    This is super cool and interesting! I have never meet anyone that cans their own food. I think it’s great that canning has such a strong connection to her past. Quality post, Amanda!

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